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In our quest to create a complete machine offering, we were looking for committed partners who focus on technology, innovation, and sustainability, have a long tradition of producing really good coffee machines, and not least value relationships highly. Just like us. With them, we work in direct contact, without any middleman.


Faema from Gruppo Cimbali is a global brand that not only produces high-quality coffee machines but also stands for innovation, design, tradition, and coffee culture.

Faema was founded in 1945 in Milan as a producer of traditional espresso machines and since 1967 has laid the foundation for its development of fully automatic espresso machines with the iconic model X5. For us, the choice of a collaboration with Faema became obvious in the search for the absolute best fully automatic espresso machine for our customers. Together
we share the ambition to change and improve, with the customer in focus and where quality in the cup should always be the best. As an official and authorized distributor of Faema’s fully automatic espresso machines in Sweden, our cooperation is based on a partnership where innovation and development of the product are complemented by


Passion, entrepreneurship, and almost an obsession with making espresso machines that will provide the ultimate experience.

Since 2007, Slayer Espresso has been hand-building espresso machines with uncompromising quality in Seattle, USA. Slayer’s “provocative” attitude and innovation mindset new traditions in an otherwise conservative industry and change the meaning of quality in the coffee world. Slayer lives, breathes, and delivers the mission: “Make Coffee Better™”. For us, the espresso machines and the brand are summed up in three words: “Beauty with attitude”. In pursuit of the complete machine offering, Slayer positions itself at the top for the most radical, design-conscious, quality-sensitive customer. The tough attitude from Slayer is complemented by Mojo’s soft tone, and together we share the passion to make coffee better. For us as an official and authorized distributor of Slayer espresso machines in Sweden, our collaboration is based on mutual learning, a drive to create new and sustainable traditions, and offer the absolute best overall experience for our customers.


Quamar is a small company with big ambitions run by passionate people. Just like us.

Quamar was founded in 2000 in the small town of Altivole in Treviso, Italy, by friends Luca Quagliotto and Mirco Martignago.

The idea was simple. They wanted to produce high-quality coffee grinders that give the barista added value, and not just to solve a problem. Ever since the start, Quamar has put a lot of focus on understanding how different grinding grades affect the taste of coffee and developed products that provide the ability for the barista to fully control these parameters. Today, the product portfolio has been developed with grinders for espresso, filter coffee, and shop grinders which all share the same innovative technologies. For us as an official and authorized distributor of Quamar in Sweden, our collaboration is based on being able to give the barista the opportunity to control all parameters in their work. Both in grinding and extracting the coffee.

Dalla Corte

It is no coincidence that we have chosen to work with Dalla Corte. In a collaboration based on a long relationship, quality, craftsmanship, and community.

With its fantastic espresso machines, Dalla Corte complements our machine offering with coffee machines that suit everything from the discerning home barista to the hippest coffee bar.

Dalla Corte was founded in 2001, by Paolo Dalla Corte, his father Bruno, and his sister Elsa just outside Milan. However, the family’s journey in the coffee world began much earlier. In 1947, the young Bruno began working as a service technician for LaCimbali, and in the 50s he was involved in developing the iconic Faema E61 espresso machine. In the 80s, Bruno moved on together with his son Paolo to LaSpaziale where they were responsible for the development of new espresso machines.

For us at Team Mojo, quality, and innovation are two important components when we enter new partnerships with our suppliers.