frequently asked questions

Obvious! In our showroom in Skarpnäck, just south of Stockholm, we have many of our coffee machines and grinders ready to be tested. Get in touch with us if you want to stop by! Contact Us!
We cooperate with many of our Swedish roasteries, large and small. Our heart naturally beats a little extra hard for our smaller roasteries that focus on quality, taste and sustainability. Contact us for more information!
Extraction Mojo™, (or ExMo™ as we also call it), quality ensures the combination of a specific coffee with a specific coffee machine from our range and ensures that the coffee tastes exactly as it is intended. It’s our way of leaving nothing to chance. Contact us for more information!
Mojo Home is a marketplace for individuals and home baristas to expand and develop their coffee knowledge and find the perfect home equipment! Here we offer a premium range of coffee machines, grinders and accessories. Our range together with our long-term coffee knowledge and technical know-how make us unique in Sweden and the Nordics. We represent brands such as Slayer Espresso, Dalla Corte, Sanremo and Quamar, among others.
We offer coffee machine solutions for all types of needs and together with our service partner we perform nationwide machine service for fast and competent help.