Nemo-Q is distinguished by its incomparable ease of use and its extraordinarily compact size.

Quamar Nemo-Q/EM

Quamar Nemo-Q/EM

The new coffee grinder comes with an innovative design and unique style, soft and comfortable shapes, and modern color combinations that give the coffee grinder originality and renewal.Thanks to Nemo-Q, Quamar brings grinding efficiency to the world of home use. Nemo-Q guarantees ground coffee that enhances the aromas and tastes of the various coffees and makes sure you can have the perfect coffee at home.

The Nemo-Q/EM model is the manual version to meet the special needs of more expert users. The coffee grinder is activated manually using the switch button located on the fork. This type of dosage allows the user to work with accurately measured doses of coffee and is ideal for specialists who prefer to control the dose delivered each time and for their personalized recipe.





6 kg






On demand grinding

6 different colors avalible

Flat 54mm stainless steel burrs

Grinds anything from espresso to filter brew

7 025 kr

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